The Boissevain Foundation was founded in 1967 and is a continuation of the Familieverband der Boissevains (Boissevain Family Association), founded in 1934. The Boissevain Family Association is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the number 41201925.

Object of the family foundation
  1. to obtain by ownership or loan (as a gift, legacy, or by purchase) paintings, archival material and other objects that are of importance to the history of the Boissevain family and have these objects administered, restored and conserved,
  2. to do further research into the history of the Boissevain family and to record all the facts that are of importance to the family, seen from a historical point of view,
  3. to cement the relationship between the members of the family and
  4. to administer the Foundations finances.
Board of the family foundation

Annemie Boissevain, President a.i.
Van Nijenrodeweg 623, 1082 HX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aviva H. Boissevain, Secretary
Oosterpark 6-d, NL-1091 AC Amsterdam, Netherlands,, +31(0)20 622 65 94

Barbera M. Boissevain, Treasurer
Wilsveen 39 A, NL-2266 LP Leidschendam, Netherlands