There was the Resistance Group CS-6, named after the address of a Boissevain family, Corelli Street nr. 6 in Amsterdam. Some of their activities are described in the Dutch History of World War II, "Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog" by Dr. L. de Jong; see Part 6, page 158/159 and 546, Part 7, p. 924-933:

They collected military information, they sabotaged the German machinery by all deeds of wrecking, they killed prominent enemies such as General Seyffardt. In 1943 many members of the group were arrested after betrayal.

Father JAN Boissevain (1894-1945) died in the concentration camp Buchenwald (NP p. 55, nr. IXa).

Son JAN KAREL Boissevain (1920-1943, NP p. 56, nr. IXa1) was shot in Overveen with 13 others...

...amongst whom was his brother GIDEON WILLEM Boissevain (1921-1943, NP p.56, nr. IXa2)...

and his distant cousin LOUIS DANIEL Boissevain (1922-1943, NP p. 128, VIIIv2)".

Photo credits: Pat Serne, 2002